JENAL & Alan's Auto's

Some car background to Alan's overall automotive passion.



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The Audi A2 Sport is our last car before we transfer to JENAL & our motorcycle.  It is a very practical car and exceedingly economic. Ideal for carrying parts to the barge in Belgium. Alan has had the diesel engine 'worked-on' so that the A2 is now 'brisk' with a max speed of 125mph from its 104bhp & 196ft lbs. Not bad for a 1.4 litre 3 cylinder diesel!
This was our fun car which we used for all sorts of European travel. We bought it new and kept it for 3 years although Alan had it extensively 'breathed-on' for a series of magazine articles he was writing.  It is a roadster with a hard top and was the closest of the models to the original and stunning prototype unveiled in Frankfurt. It made other TT's look & feel tame!
This little yellow Roadster (with optional hardtop) was primarily Jennie's choice and car. It was a practical convertible and enjoyable to drive... although it was a bit slow for Alan!  He did increase the size of the wheel and tyre combination :-)
This car was Alan's run-a-about as he re-engineered his life after a recession lead business collapse. It turned out to be the start of another commercial adventure, designing and making GT Turbo performance parts while the model was popular.
A Lotus 7 series II, Alan's first 'real' car, purchased when he was just 19. He modified it a lot over his 5 year ownership with extensive suspension changes and a Martin steel 1500cc engine. He won several drivers championships over the period.
What a car, particularly for a youngster which Alan was at the time. A 4.7 litre V8 TVR Tuscan and an ex-works race-car at that! It had a Brabham tuned Ford 289 engine and at 160mph plus, the side windows would shudder at very-high-speeds and the front discs would glow red under heavy braking... Wow!
Lotus S130, an Élan 2+2. A practical sportscar that made daily usage a breeze. Alan rebuilt this car with new front and rear body sections and a new chassis because it was an insurance write-off. The rebuild included some technical improvements to the car and it was a very reliable machine contrary to the reputation Lotus had at the time, of being 'collectors cars'... 'drive 5 miles down the road then go back to collect the dicarded bits'.
Hustler was an unusual car, to say the least but it was fun and surprisingly practical. Entry and exit was via large sliding glass doors, a bit like patio doors! The rear had a glass hatchback to aid entry. It was based on BL Mini running gear and this particular model was built by Alan with a 1430cc bored & stroked 'A series' engine.
CBS Supervan, a 4.2 litre engined V8, Jaguar suspended automotive tour-de-force. Created, originally from a Bedford CF van. All the body changes were made in steel and its role was as a publicity tool for CBS.

Some of Alan's motorcycles have included; a Triumph Terrier, Thunderbird, Triton (modified Bonneville engine in Norton Manx frame & more lately a Suzuki GSX750 then the BMW R1200 GS.

His other (more interesting) cars have included; a Jaguar engined Morris Minor convertible <> Ford RS 2000 engined/ZF boxed Morris Minor Traveller <> 13400cc A40 Farina (Sprite running gear) <> various Supercharged autocross specials <> Rover 3.5 Coupe & 3500 <> Austin A30 (A35 eng) for racing <>  several BL Mini's of differing technical standards & a V8 engined VW TII Camper van.